Where the earth is red and ruled by rocky giants,
Where the water flows bluer than true.
Where quiet thunder meets a rumbling silence,
Where the last of the secrets grew.

That’s where I’ll go.

When the time is righter than it knows to be,
When Time forgets itself.
When Bad and Good meet Glee and the three agree,
When Hatred toasts our health.

That’s when I’ll go.

How an earthworm winds its way by swaying stone,
How tick means tock is done.
How Sir Sun only finds the day alone,
How fire and air are one.

That’s how I’ll go.


I’m going.

A Few More Nonsense Limericks

There was a young lad with a horn,
Who tooted it every morn';
 The town ran him out,
 Now he wanders about,
That homeless young lad and his horn.

There was an old lady of Seoul,
Who dug a most marvelous hole;
 She kept digging down,
 ‘Til she ran out of ground,
That deepest old lady of Seoul.

There was an old man of Nairobi,
Who made him a wife of adobe;
 When dry she was good,
 But rain made her mud,
That lonely old man of Nairobi.

Forever Flamboyant

The forever flamboyant Penny Popper!
When it comes to dapper dress, none can top her!
She struts about town in the finest,
More made up than any royal highness.

Her alligator boots were where it began,
Then blue leather pants cinched by a belt of snake skin,
With a fox fur coat and turtle shell crown
You’d have to flip the world to bring her down!

But then the turtle missed its home.
The cow felt nude without its case.
The fox got cold.
The snake’s friends didn’t recognize its sweet little face.
And noone’s afraid of a gator without scales.
So they all returned to their proper place.

They all squirmed back into themselves,
Filling their skins full to the brim.
But Penny and those critters worked things out.
Now she just wears them.

Forever Flamboyant

Drawn by KakieMix


A Few Nonsense Limericks

There was an old lady of Perm,
Who attended a ball with a worm;
They cleared the dance floor,
Then boogied some more,
That gambolling old couple of Perm.

There was a young lady in yellow,
Who refused to ever say “hello”;
When people drew nigh,
She’d only say “bye”,
That perplexing young lady in yellow.

There was an old man of ‘Fenokee,
Who slowly grew more and more croaky;
‘Til his true colors showed,
He turned into a toad,
That warty old man of ‘Fenokee.

Where Are You, Luck?

Here I am, Luck!
Standing right here!
Where are you, Luck?
I feel no fear
Of you, come near!

What’s that?
Luck’s not looking for me?
Why wouldn’t she be?
I’m all too ready
To hear her applaud
Me being me.

She doesn’t give to give?
My only Luck is tough?
Well, okay.
Fair enough.
But as I live,
I’mma come find you, Luck!

The River Trails

You like to hear of tall tales.
A boy saw truth in the blue,
The blue of the river trails,
The truth of himself plainly
As he looked in a place he knew
To be clear of self-served veils
Yet full of the hidden, strangely.

Attention brings attention,
The river drank him in -
“The kingly hills are high above
But you’re down mucking in the mud
Where every last lost lover of
Knowing all has dreamt of flood
Then fled a cloud’s fluffy grin.
What could you ever hope to win?”

“I want all of me,” he said,
Lighting up the kind of mind
That finds a way where none have tread,
Not gods nor mice, alive or dead.

The river knew and now instead
Of falling down the mountain blind,
Everywhere that wet boy goes
The river trails behind.

All new streams, you may suppose,
Mean the boy’s not far ahead.