I want to work with you.  Here are some ways we can:

–  You can illustrate one (or more) of the poems posted here on my site.  This is easily done and opens a channel between us even if I don’t post it (I don’t usually post more than two).

–  If you want to work with me show me something.  Link to some of your work.

–  Illustrate my book Perfect Nonsense.  I worked off the illustrations of Edward Lear to create a collection of limericks.  You can work off my limericks to create entirely new illustrations.

The writing should remain unchanged.  Replace all illustrations of the limericks with your own interpretation in whatever style you like.

After illustrating the limericks you would need to design the book for CreateSpace and Kindle.  Then send me those files to review.

I want to see what you create.