Man and Flake

The big gray snowman was puffed up and proud.
He swaggered through blizzards.  His bravado was loud.
He was all ice boulders up to his shoulder,
Where his snowball head was more an icicle holder
With a fierce, frozen maw and eyes even colder.

One slow falling snowflake could not be impressed.
So he asked of the snowman, “Do you do this in jest?
Do you harden and sharpen and thrust out your chest
And glare like a glacier ’til the sun splits in half
And freeze time itself just for a laugh?”

Snowbeast didn’t make a single, slushy sound,
But his cold gaze found the only mouthy flake around.
Furious flurries fell as they felt winter rise.
Icy thoughts flew behind frost filled eyes.
Then he stormed on, one flake fuller in size.