A Miracle

A miracle is spherical
With no way in or out.
It never was and it won’t be
And will not hold to hope nor doubt
And will not come when called.
That it ever comes at all
Is something I’ll not understand
But be moved on its way through.
It’s its own glory
And I’ll just say “Thank You.”


The Grossry Store

I was finally going to the Grossry Store!
I knew my needs, I had my files,
Time to shop the finest filth
Found in the vulgar wilds!

There’ll be eyeballs by the aisles!
Full shelves of puss filled vials!
Toe hairs!  All smells and styles!
Livers in slippery piles!
Sales on the sloppiest of Kyles!
A hundred forty-four types of boogery childs!
The very vilest of biles!

But all the foulest whiles,
The Grossry Store is
Nothing but pickles and mayo for miles!
Though, I suppose,
Pickles and mayo are pretty gross.

Last Corner

When all your turning comes to terms
With that last corner’s charms,
I say let that be what confirms
‘Tis time to dive like worms!

If I were you (silly to pretend I’m not,
But we’re stuck again in sincere plot),
I’d go toes to sky
Without a worry why
So few others dive
When with an easy try
We might untie our eyes
And find ourselves alive
In a honeyed hive
Of roots, rats and real allies
That won’t allow us to deny
We’ve finally arrived


Then it snowed.
Cold made itself so
Known it glowed.

Two best friends worked
Most wondrous things from whitish dirt.
Snowman, snowsnake, snowcake, snowfort.
No plan to make snowflakes contort
In any way except snowart.

Both friends saw where this path went.
One sank into the snow well empty of intent.
Though dangerous, it would be a chance most well spent.
The other friend dreamt wonders that they might invent
And packed friend and snow to their content.
A snowstorm is a must-not-miss event.

The Hardened Heart of Harb

Harb’s heart began to harden
‘Cause this world can be a harsh one
And they split him at the soft spots
In a manner cruel and thoughtless.

A crystal leads to crystals,
A meanness coldly distilled
With more to surely follow
Till one’s left hard and hollow.

The brain, too, may be frozen
But you can throw it in the ocean
And when it rolls in by the tide
Toss it salted back inside.

The heart’s a tricky thing.
Harb’s had felt many stings.
To keep it from the coffin
There’s one way to help it soften.

A hardened heart must be a guest
In some other kind heart’s chest.
It can’t be safe if it pumps blood,
There’s only keeping it loved.

Foxes of the Fruited Plain

Also read about Birds, Snails, Owls and Bees.

Golden Fox
Rarely see more than a twinkle. Every paw print is leafed with gold, which made them highly sought after for a time. Can be trapped with a sincere smile as bait – so you have to trick both a person and a fox. Very hard to do. However, this fox whithers to coal in captivity.

Lollipop Fox
The sweetest thing that will ever nip you when you’re not looking. Has a very large, round head, which is where its name comes from. Does a lot of thinking in that head. You better hope it thinks you’re okay.

Faux Pas
Only shows up when unwanted. Makes things socially uncomfortable. Might just be an awkward mistake.

Plum Fox
Burrows into plums, spits out the pit, and makes it home. Has a royal purple coat. Very sweet when ripe.

Generally thought to be a plant for some reason. They burrow into the ground but leave their tail sticking out (or, I guess, plant themselves if you still insist on thinking of them as vegetative). Please don’t pick their tails. If you do, they will dig into the earth never to be seen again out of horrifying embarrassment.

Out Fox
Hunts foolishness. A fool hunter. Don’t even think about trying to get the best of this fox because, well, you see.

Painted Fox
Paints itself differently every day. Mastery takes constant work. Truly the Van Gogh of the vulpine world. Leaves a colorful mess everywhere it goes.

Drawn by Fire_Lord_Sauron.

A creature composed entirely of whiskers. Very sensitive in every way. How do we know it’s a fox? An uneducated guess. It feels like a fox.

Pond Fox
A swim in this fox is highly recommended. Besides the obvious medicinal benefits, a nice relaxing soak will leave you reinvigorated and foxier than ever. Side effects include the handsomest whiskers you’ll ever grow and a not too unpleasant musk.