Wildest Poppies

I can’t say that I got that far
From where the wildest poppies are
Before I tripped and turned around
To go return to what I’d found.

A field of flowers stood untouched
And back I ran!  Yes, back I rushed!
So none could steal before I stole
The ocean hills of growing gold.

The poppies stood where they’d been left
Awaiting my befated theft,
I reached for them, they reached for me,
And I was plucked, as I should be.

I sunk roots in the purple plains
And put up yellow petal suns,
I’m where the wildest poppies are,
I can say that I got that far.

Illustration by DALL-E.


It’s time for the rest to head to bed
When bed is claimed by sun,
As moon and stars are nightly wed
And work and play are done.

Crumple up day’s hip hip hooray,
Toss off your clothes and cares,
Today has gone its now worn way,
Sandman’s coming with his wares.

Dig into a bed you’ve made your own
With downy joy and love,
You’ve conquered the world’s kindest throne,
Your pillow crown awaits above.

With covers of your summer hope –
Hope may be where sun sleeps,
Because of its enormous scope
And the endless heat it keeps.

Give joy, love, hope as you dream
So there’s more when you awake,
Then sun and you will proudly gleam,
But for now yourself unmake.

Illustration by DALL-E.

New Year

The new year’s
The old year,
But you’re now
And you’re here.

What you want,
Please don’t fear,
Are right now,
Are right here.

They say they
Never veer,
From old year
To new year.

Don’t let them
Steal your ear,
With the old’s
“Hold now here.”

‘Cause you’re now
And you’re here,
You may choose
Your new year.

Sense and Non

Whatever nonsense comes to mind
Keep on coming in.
Most this so called “sense,” I find,
Wears a little thin
When you look at what’s behind
The empty if not angry grin
That often fronts a face that’s blind
To what you’ve done and been.

So send sense a saucy letter
Telling them you’re free
Of all their sweetly seasoned natter,
Self-sold flattery.
If you can imagine better,
Let it be.
“Nonsense” doesn’t matter,
Not to me.

A Girl and Her Beard

A little girl grew an astounding beard,
A worldly, dark, confounding beard,
A burly, stark, yet downy beard
That swirled from ground to ears.

It took her fifty years to grow
And she was barely six!
This beard was full of realms unknown,
It was thick with tricks.
Many called it nest or home,
Sometimes even other kids
Would run through as would a comb,
Though one never did.

Every year she’d go compete
At the Beard Olympics.
Every year she’d sweep the meet
At the Beard Olympics.
She was admired by young and old,
She’d leave wrapped in a shell
Of beard and medals gold,
She wore her jungle well.

They recently found something weird,
No one was in that bearish beard!
The little girl had disappeared!
And that beard still wins every year.

Illustration by DALL-E.


I need a day that’s all about me!
I want to hear everyone say:
“It’s time for Meday!”
Let’s do it today!

I need a day to get away
With whatever I may,
A day when all I do is okay,
A day that belongs to me.

That’s the day I’ll laugh and play
And always get my way.
I need a day that’s all about me,
Besides every other day.

A Hard Swim

It’s hard to swim in cement
Unless you catch it early.
Even then, I must lament,
You should continue stirring
To keep from turning fossil.

You have to meet the hostile,
The harmful, harsh and hard
If you’re to get full grown.
To swim among the stars
Dive into the stone.

I’ve never been so strong,
This is the health I’ve sought,
The practice has been long
Doing laps in parking lots,
Training for granite seas.

Nothing worthy’s done with ease,
So stop smirking like a trout!
You float the world like a duck.
Help me out!
You know I’m stuck!