He Stood

He stood up tall.
He stood up straight.
He told us all
That he was great.
He stood and looked
So good he shook
Our hands and said,
“You’re living luck!
You have me here!
Go on ahead!
Now March! Now run!
You’ve almost won!”
He had us hooked.
He stood and led
And looked so good
Right where he stood.

He did it all except
He never took a step.

Nightland Hunts

One time I fell right through my bed
(Some things you just do once),
All pillows, blankets, comfort fled,
I joined the Nightland hunts.

No one told what I pursued,
I did not need to know.
This was not my fearsome feud,
I did not earn or owe.

Some something filled my fists with stars,
I swallowed them all whole.
I’d never send them into wars
No matter the end goal.

Caught by another’s roaming dream
I soared in place a while,
I gave up all my stars agleam
And skipped out on the trial.

Then I fell back into bed,
Still just a bit ajar,
Pulling from my swirling head
One final hidden star.


She called herself a Bibliophage
But you could call her Bib.
She ate up all her toothsome books
Down to spine and ribs.

Bib brought a bookish appetite
To all she ever read.
She’d house a gloried story sandwich
With covers as the bread.

She’d sip from pages of all ages,
Ink coursing through her veins,
Ink sinking down into her feet,
Ink leaving footprint stains.

Bib stewed and steeped in inky tales,
Seeping in her twinkling mind,
Leaving her prints around the world
In the biggest book you’ll ever find.

With scrumptious books at hungry lips
And world at roaming feet,
Bib wrote a wide and worldly story
For someone else to eat.

In the Mail

Sownso mailed herself to herself
And travels now for free.
No post office has found her yet
To complete delivery.

Through snow, rain, heat and gloom of night
Worked mail women and men,
They looked everywhere outside that box
But never once peeked in.

At last they quit and returned to sender
So she travels still for free,
For they can’t find her the opposite route
As I’m sure you already see.

Sownso’s a pioneer, though not all agree.
Whatever people have to say
She’ll never stop to hear a word,
She’s forever on her way.

Certificate of Recognition

We recognize you for being yourself!
Thank goodness!
There’s already everyone else.

As the ‘tificate reads:

“This is not about your deeds
Or your iffy look,
You might be a boor, indeed,
You could be a crook!

You never learned to tie your shoes,
Trim your nails, comb your hair,
Say ‘hello,’ pay your dues,
And certainly not share.

You didn’t even want to learn!

Your entire life’s unearned!

You’re a grump and proudly dumb
But you’re redeemed at this one turn –
You’re not some other crumb.”

They could haul off all you’ve got
And you are you still.
They could even take this ‘tificate,
In fact, I think we will.

That said, one thing’s forever true –
They can’t take you from   ou.
I can’t take    u from       .

Stars in the Sea

What happens to stars that fall in the sea?
Why do they no more shine bright now for me?

Is their light gobbled by the hungry waves?
Are they more twinkly in dark sunken caves?

What is their duty once they drop the sky?
Are they free finally to close their eye?

Do they get caught be eels to warm their nests?
Do they light ways for whales as honored guests?

Or grow great jungles of delicious kelp?
Or play, hunt and dance with young sea wolf whelps?

If I want answers while I’m still alive
I’ve got my questions and a quest to dive.