Down a Hole

I rode a rabbit down its hole,
It meowed and barked and growled,
I hugged it hard and howled.

Now you may ask:
Kyle, why ride a rabbit down its hole?
It’s dark and dirty, what’s the goal?

And I might say:
To not is dull.
Be it rabbit, bear or boar,
Fox or crab, snake or mole,
They know where to find a door
Straight into adventure’s soul.

Why ride a rabbit down its hole?
You could find a million mile worm,
The treasure of a troll
(That is, old socks it likely stole),
An undiscovered germ,
Or, not North, not South,
But the rumored Center Pole!

Why ride a rabbit down its hole?

Because you never really know.

Down a Hole

Illustration by MB.

What I Don’t Know

I’d rather know what I don’t.
I know did,
What’s all this won’t?

The alphabet I know I know
But what’s out there past Z?
The shapeless, shameless,
Nameless, blameless,
I don’t have eyes to see.

But then I’d know
And then I’d go
And write this same old poem.

So I suppose
I’ll just not know –

I’ll be glad to know that though.

Summer Job?

A plumber!

While I’m a fanatic fan of fruits,
None compare to plum.
Royal purple on the outside,
And inside – golden purple yum.

I’ll help plum trees become the best
Fruiters they can be.
Though I think we all can see,
Doing what they do,
They’ll bring out the best in me.

Yes, this coming summer
I’mma be the next up-and-comer!

What’s that?

As a job it’s rather wetter?
And has to do with toilets?

Even better!

I’m gonna be a plumber!

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

Drawn by RW.

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up 2

Illustration by Ugmotaur whose work can be found here.

Fair Maiden

A fair maiden
Left her heaven,
Where every hopeful
Dream was made in.

Her toes touched Sea,
Waves walked her in,
Begging that she
Never leave them.
Tentacles rose up
And grabbed,
But Earth sank Sea
As up it stabbed
Into new land
And clasped her hand
With icy diamond
And one demand:
Night awoke in lightning
As stars streaked toward the ground,
Blinding even ancient trees
With a constellation crown.

And she said, “Stop.”

They had to heed the call.

“All you powers push and pull,
I am not here to join you all,”
And then sunk into darkest halls,
Walking through the world’s last wall,
Finding nightmares
In mid-fall,
Reaching for the nightmared,
There to help and hold.

“It’s okay.
You are safe.
I’ll be with you
Till you wake.
Then you’ll go,
But have faith,
For I am Love
In different shape.”

How to Be Taller

The secret to taller?
Step up to the altar.
I have the great honor
To serve as your scholar.

Stretching?  Why bother?
They say no more water,
Drink milk by the saucer,
Down mountains of cobbler,
You must believe harder!
Pray!  Yes!  And holler!

They’re naught but big talkers,
They’ve nothing to offer,
Those gibbering toddlers.
They’re goners as solvers.

My cure’s not a dollar.

The best way to be taller
Is find someone smaller.

Why, you’re just a bit shorter.
Let me make you an offer.

A Response

“It doesn’t matter!
Nobody cares!”
I shouted aloud to none but the air.
And it echoed back the very same swear,
Adding it’s own snarkified flair:
“Nobody matters!
It doesn’t care!”
Continuing on with more info to share:

“It’s easy to blare
Or say a quick prayer,

But if you want your
Circle squared,

To get your here
To a better there,

Don’t ask to be,
Just be the mayor.

You need someone
To get somewhere.
And if it’s two?
Be a pair!
And if it’s three?
Be your spare!

Doing is rare,
Don’t be scared.
You’ve built yourself
A very nice snare.

Do or don’t care.
Fair or unfair.
Shout or just stare.

That’s what doesn’t matter.

Find your derring-do
For you must do and dare.”