Fragile is rather more agile than strong.
That’s not to say they can’t get along,
Nor that strength is wrong.
Strong is stuck in its ideal range.
Fragile can break and change.


Wonder, Do

When you wonder what to do,
Look yourself right in the eyes,
Yes, cross-eyed is always wise
When looking for an answer.
If there might be the slimmest chance or
Glimmer of an easy out
Take instead the roundabout
Route around to what you should.
Better is not always good,
Babble on down backest roads,
Ramble on with backwards loads
Until somewhere is somewhere.
Fortune seeks the unfair.
Most of all you must ignore
Whatever nonsense I implore
When you wonder what to do.

This much is true:
You must wonder.
You must do.
The order’s up to you.

River Smile

Swim slow along a lively river smile
From first drop of joy to deep sea of soul
Dive in the madly loving happy wilds.

Let luck loose you as an unlikely isle
To duckish dozens squacking in a row
Swim slow along a lively river smile.

Drop in the always falling forward trials,
Dip in the dimples, ripples, rapids, go!
Dive in the madly loving happy wilds.

More red than blue with every lazy mile,
A laziness that swallows mountains whole,
Swim slow along a lively river smile.

This is your time to be kind crocodile,
Find perfect loggish froggy floating flow,
Dive in the madly loving happy wilds.

Learn of a river smile, go ask a child,
Turn to the water if you’re who you’d know,
Swim slow along a lively river smile
Dive in the madly loving happy wilds.

Kindness or Mindless

Kindness or mindless?
You must know kind this
Way to remind us
That we are we!
You and me!

Otherwise it’s mindless –
A sort of other person blindness
That may lead to acting spineless,
Leaving others all behind us
While we still end up in last.

I find kindness finest.

Signed – Us?

Girl and Owl

There was a little girl
With the cutest golden curls
Who knew she’d rule the world.

There was a scowling owl,
A grumpy, dour fowl
Convinced he’d save us all.

But she only ever thought it,
No matter how she fought it
She distraughtly never got it.

Sure people could do better,
He wrote us all a letter
That can’t have read much deader.

When I say fought, I do mean wars
That tore up many foreign shores
And haunted many doors.

“Dear disgusting little things,
Listen to one with wings
And enjoy the peace I bring!”

Her armies burned more than they kept,
The people lost and wailed and wept,
She scarred every spot she stepped.

“You must change yourself
To a rootless flower on a shelf
If you would live in health.”

It was not because of small nor girl,
Nor cute, golden, nor curls
That she never ruled the world.

It was not ’cause he was wrong
Or his letter was too long
That folks refused to go along.

No, she never ruled,
And he didn’t end the cruel,
But don’t drop to ridicule.

Whatever may be meant,
Whether kind or cruel intent,
We don’t like being bent.