Tink Lived

Tink lived a life well structured.
No such thing as out of place.
None guessed that when it frac/tured
Shwas blessed by a saving grace.
The rest of ducks all in a row, row, row,
Somehow now knew twers times to go
Go go yer boat stently up the gream,
Merrily, verily, scarily, merrily,
Dreams be ut they seem.
Tink treamed large, they took/tuck her inn,
Deeep into ther sleepish den,
Across the coals of souls of them
That will not light and so go dim,
Truer nonsense has never been,
So Tinkalink lrnd nd brnd
An lit an likd er way kcaback ome,
Wint str-t true n ut ta roam.
If you shd see her fore you wake
Rember that yore wuts at stake
And f you wisshh your soul to kip
Slip a diply woken sleeep.


Baker Boy

Huppy pokes his finger through a freckle,
Stuffs in sugar by the handful,
Butter, eggs, vanilla, flour,
Wiggles for a minute then waits an hour.
You can tell by fragrant smells,
But most by how he swells
That he’s finished your delicious dish –
He’ll bake you what you wish!

World’s only all natural oven!
Buns in! Folks love him!
Pumpkin muffins by the dozens!
Somethin’s always bubblin’.
He bakes while he sells
Whole cakes by the shelf
All made in himself!

So check your freckles,
Don’t know which one’s special.


The door was open
And we was hopin’
That maybe we might go out.

But we got lazy
And somewhat hazy
On what we was all about.

Then the door was shut,
Windows boarded up,
And we heard a “Stay there!” shout.

This could not stand!
We would demand
“Open up, you loopy lout!”

We went through the walls,
They had to fall,
It was our only route!

We were strong and bold
But now it’s cold
And we feel a little doubt.

Your place is nice
And might suffice…
So why do you say, “Stay out”?

Christmas Elves

Christmas elves are builders,
Creatives, makers, healers.
They hunt out needs and wants
And work as wish fulfillers.
But they’re not wheeler dealers,
No, not big contract sealers.
They had deep need of a leader
For their gift giving cause.
So they built Santa Clause.

They made him like they would a toy
Enjoyed by any girl or boy.
The first ingredient employed?
Their very own creative joy.
Then all the jelly that they dared,
Whole heapfuls of polar bear hair,
Plus a piece of the Sun they snared.

He was a giant to behold,
They gave him to the ice to hold
And called upon the quiet Cold.

Cold carried her aurora torch
Into the shining crystal church
And lit old Santa with a touch.

Since then their building has been endless,
The elves now have their partner in this
Making of a Merry Christmas.

Teaching and Preaching

Maybe I agree with you,
All you say and do.
But the moment that you tell me
What I need to do,
Well, we’re done and through.

I’m a silly billy goat
Happily hopping mountain tops,
But as soon as someone says,
“Get on, kid, hop!”
Is the moment I stop, drop,
And flip flop down till I plop
Into the ocean chop.

You do too do it.
I too do do it.

I’m guilty too!

Any group
Saying, “Join our troop,
Follow these rules
And you’ll be cool,”
Wants to make you a mule.

No, don’t! But do!
My mission
Isn’t bossing you!

I did it again!
Do we call it a sin?
Chuck me on out?
Toss me in the bin?

I should do more asking,
Less tasking.
More doing,
Less “you too”ing.

Teaching and preaching
Are often confused.
Have to keep reaching.

You don’t need this.
Can you unread this?

Drawn by CoR.

Thought Watching

I hung upside down for long enough
That my eyes flipped back,
I saw the stuff –
The whizzing, whirring thoughts that bubble up.
The busy minded madness
That we all know and love,
Fizzing up in pops and puffs
(Plus I think I saw a bug).
Got a few puzzlers, loads of fluff,
But to find a few that are up to snuff
You have to go on quite a hunt.
Thoughts are easy, thinking’s tough.

Now how do I flip my eyes back front?