Alex fell asleep, as always, to the lullaby
Of “ber-blubb, ber-blubb” thumping through his veins.
But when he woke the tune had changed and was less shy
And “ker-chunk, ker-chunk” now rattled round his brains.

He was slow to rise for his chest was sore
And wearing a white bandage coat.
As his legs found life and his feet found the floor,
His eyes found their way to a handsome note:

“Dearest Sir,

This is our Thank You, as it were.
No doubt by now you’ve heard the whirr
Of your brand new blood stirrer.
Yes, ’tis true. We took your heart.
Your new one’s metal, every part.
We built it for you, you made it start.
(It’s less science, more an art.)
So sorry to make you part machine.
We did not do it to be mean.
We need it for our brand new town.
Deep in the woods where we won’t be found
We build our home on hallowed ground,
But life we are and to life we’re bound.
Our town’s in need of a heart to live,
And here you are with one to give!
It will pump life through every door.
We’re quite thrilled for what’s in store.
Alexopolis shall hum and roar
Enlivened by your very core.
We thank you and we thank the stars.
We live by your heart and you live in ours.

Forever indebted,

-The Groggles”

Alex saw the trail of tiny footprints and was glad.
Glad that the Groggles had a good home somewhere out there.
Glad that his chest wasn’t hurting too bad.
Glad that he had a heart to share.


Drawn by Kyle

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