At the very latest time of night
Before it turned toward morning,
A goblin horde tore down our door
And poured in without warning.

Gobs yipped and yowled with hackles high,
That night they killed poor quiet.
My sword and I, we howled along,
I brought a one kid riot.

Through clash and crash we met and fell,
But they rode goblin steeds.
I could not match their screaming speeds
Nor win by my heroic deeds.

Then they were gone.  They left their stink
But took my savage sister.
The loss was little, but even so,
I almost kind of missed her.

I may fail but I never stop
So what could I do but chase?
Disgrace would wait, for I had a date
With goblins, face-to-face.

They sped ahead, I followed close,
When who should steal my stare?
But sister dear who wore a sneer
And said, “You get a scare?”

Turns out the goblins saw her in our house
And thought she was a gobby queen.
They fought to rescue her from our claws
‘Cause they’d never seen a meaner mean.

They learned how truly cruel her rule
Would be with none above her,
And sent her back to us, the fools –
Maybe they’d take my brother.