Your Poems

Send me children’s poems that you’ve written and I’ll post them here.  Be sure to include your name!

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Stanley’s so young, so where’s all his fun
The others have friends but he has none
So he plays with his shadow until the day is done
When the sun is settled his shadow runs
Then the moon rises and his heart smiles
It’s dark outside but he can see for miles
Way Up to the stars that sparkle so bright
They all shine down and fill his eyes with light
And all the fairy tales that run through his head
Are so much better than the ones he’s read
And While lying in bed when the world is asleep
His dreams are his but not to keep
The sun rises and burns them away
That’s when his shadow comes back out to play
It chases him around step for step
He tries to run but runs out of breath
So Stanley swam way out into the sea
Where nothing could hurt him and he was finally free
He swam so deep that he fell fast asleep
Now his dreams are his and his to keep!

By Squirt

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