Life, Magic, Mischief: Volume 2

The second 100 Life, Magic, Mischief poems are collected here. That includes Become a Slumberjack, I’ll Write You a Bird, Fair Maiden, The Lie Brary, How to Hold a Grudge, Wild and Rare, Little Boy Lonely and many more.

Book: The Story Behind the Story

This is the story of the book itself. It steps out from behind the scenes to speak directly with the reader.

Beasts Without Borders: A Bestiary

This is a book full of beasts that are strange and fantastic and wonderfully illustrated by John Prentiss Benson.  The Infinipede, Kaf and Bebruz are just a few of the many unusual beasts found in these pages.  Get the e-book for free with the purchase of a physical copy.

Life, Magic, Mischief: Volume 1

The first 100 Life, Magic, Mischief poems are collected here.  That includes Color Hunter, Goblins, Mess Maker, Little One, Mistake, Itsy and many more.  The e-book is free when you buy a print copy.

Perfect Nonsense: 215 Illustrated Limericks

A collection of nonsense limericks playing off the illustrations of Edward Lear.  Learn about the old person of Juneau who went straight into Night, the young lady whose jig was despised by the pig, the old man of Arabia gripped by musical mania, and the person who laughed up whole bunniesGet the e-book for free when you buy the physical copy!

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