Super Patron Application

I have been writing and posting a weekly children’s poem to this site since 2013.  During that time I’ve self-published five children’s books and my sixth is about to come out.  The book following that will be my third collection of children’s poems and I have an alphabet book highlighting odd words that is also in the works.  These books will be done whether or not I get this incredible grant.  What having the grant would really help to move forward would be a book on bears and a YouTube channel.

The bear book will pull from my experience working with five different species of bears in the wild and in sanctuaries to write a fictional creation story that highlights different types of bears.  It will wrap fantasy around even more incredible truth.  Did you know the first bear species to ever exist is called the Dawn Bear?  Or that grizzly springs are where a grizzly has dug deep enough that it breaks the water table so that water pools and plants start growing around it and animals come in to drink at it?  These are beautiful, true stories about the beginning of life.  That’s where we begin our creation story which will go on to feature many different types of bears, what they’re like and what they create, including the first people.

As for YouTube, I have been wanting to start a channel to upload recordings of my poems (~270 at this time) so parents would have something they could feel good about putting on for their kids.  That’s the start.

I’ll keep writing regardless of grants because kids need fun ways to interpret a ridiculous world (and so do I).  Below are two recent poems that give you an idea of what I do.  Thank you for your time and attention.

Good, Bad, You

Most say be good.
Some say go bad.
I think be woods
And sky and glad
To turn to stone
Or squeaky creek
Or even bone
Or something beaked.
Be shining star.
Be pouring rain.
Be what you are
And you again!
Forget the fads
If you so dare
To pass good bad
I’ll see you there.

She Ran Away

She ran away, she ran away,
She did not walk, she ran away,
From what, she would not say,
She ran away, she ran away.

While she was not afraid,
She wanted nothing of today,
She ran away, she ran away.

Some called, “Coward!” others, “Brave!”
All were wrong, she ran away,
So much they named her “Castaway,”
And many muttered, “Oh, she’ll pay,”
As they so sadly sat in their dismay
At this disquieting display,
She did not care, she ran away.

Like a sheep going astray,
She ran away, she ran away,
All turned to flocks of shepherds
Who had to have their say,
“That’s all wrong! Come this way!”
Castaway did not obey,
She ran away, she ran away.

How ’bout this cliche –
They saw themselves as noble knights
With dangered damsel who need be saved,
And offered safety on silver tray,
She ran away, she ran away.

All had to have a say,
Say, say, say, say, say,
She ran away, she ran away.

Truth is, she ran right to
What she wanted – and there she stayed.