Falling Rain

Falling rain finds far few friends
As it dumbles down,
So I think I’ll meet the winds
That blow to my dry ground,
Splash with it to the earth,
Get soaked up by the trees,
Picked back up by sun to birth
A new cloud on the breeze.
Then I’ll drumble down as well
To see who answers thunder’s bell.

A Bear Need Know a Fox

A bear need know a fox.
A cat won’t do,
An ox is too much ox,
A fish too food,
Dog too much a bear,
Beaver’s always busy,
Mice are far too scared,
Owl a bit too quizzy,
Toad will never listen,
Snake lives in its fang,
Bee’s about its mission,
Wolf won’t leave the gang.

A fox is different from a bear
In all the right ways.
It would also be quite fair
To come right out and say
A fox must know a bear.

The Hatter’s Reason

What a relief that so little matters,
Next to nothing, it seems.
It takes all the weight off this chitter chatter
And its screamingly unseemly schemes.
So I say I’ll hear out the Hatter
So long as he stays mad.
For maybe he’s found a way through the clatter
By way of his poppish pitter and patter,
Might be he found a mad way to shatter
The things he thinks to be madder.

The Tatterdemalion

Not a creature but a thing,
Some odd not yet dead thing
(Though likely soon to die)
That may have never known a spring,
Living autumns, working winters
In all sorts of casts and slings,
A thing of breaks and splinters,

Thrashed and splattered
Smashed and scattered
Trashed and shattered
Bashed and battered

Some things don’t get used.
This thing has no such blues.
Why’s it tattered?
Because it mattered.

Raktattle Garu

Rak built her bones of feather stones
That came from steely birds.
She heaped up hope beyond the scope
Of sight and soundly words.
She claimed the land she found at hand
Among the howling toads.
She sought and seized the stranger seas
Down at the bowing roads.
The deal she made was but a trade
With what we’ll never know,
But what she gave’s beyond the brave,
Things you ought never owe.
She fought because that’s what she does
When not is not enough,
When right and wrong go right along
With fortune’s foolish bluff.
We mustn’t hold one of the bold
To such a lifeless test
As this and that, the pitter pat,
Past presently confessed.
Rak winged her way without delay
To what you may have guessed –
She let truth go long, long ago
And’s freer than the rest.


You can hide in your head
But not in your heart,
So I gave both away
And now have to start
Over again with a pen
And a spark.
I’ll put both to paper
Before going dark
And outwrite the flame
With wrinkling arcs
Till I don’t need to hide
What’s held in the heart
‘Cause all will be told
Before I depart.