Lose Your Head

It’s a real relief to lose your head
So let that worry go.
No one expects a clever thread
To weave or knit or deftly sew
Its way into a smarter quilt
And no one knows you, by the why,
So drop that wormy guilt
And hold your neck up high.

Folks can’t believe you do anything at all!
They’re impressed if you get out of bed!
It’s loose, just let it fall!
More folks should lose their pretty head.
As you have likely guessed –
I know where my head is at
And, I’ll happily confess,
That’s the end of that.

Come Be Safe

Come be safe.
We roar, we rage,
We must, we say,
So that we stay
Somehow, someway,
Above the fray,
Out of the play
Of race and chase
To quick disgrace.
Set all aside for a moment today.
Come be safe.
I’ll tuck you away.
Come be safe.
Tuck me the same.
Come be safe.
We’ll drop the day,
Go off display,
Come be safe.

Touched On

I touched the sea and it touched me
Then didn’t let me go.
Now I walk and drip the salt
Of drowned mountains down my toes,
However distant I may stride
I forever feel the tug of tide.

I touched a tree and it touched me
Then grew into my bones.
Flowers burst behind my eyes,
Bumbles humming honey tones,
Seeds drop out my sleeves,
Happy to feed all hungry thieves.

I touched the breeze and it wrapped me
In the breath of every cloud.
It brings a burst of singing birds
That live entire lives out loud,
Swirls of mist and fog and dust
Carry bites of all on every gust.

I touched on glee and it jumped me
Then loosed me on the gloom
Of sealess worlds and treeless lands
And airless realms proclaiming doom,
Now where they raise their victory tombs
New life cannot help but bloom.


Half a year and back again
The king without a kingdom went
Back and forth across the lands
That never kneeled and never bent
A head to one that held a crown,
So he went unfound, unbound
By any cause in any town,
By any fuss to make him frown,
By any laws to weigh him down
Or hold him up or ever hound
Him or otherwise confound.
None below him, none above,
He was neither feared nor loved,
He wasn’t even known!
He was entirely his own.
The only king in history
To walk completely free.
What a frightening thing to be.


Bold Plumbar built a pair of stilts
To take her to the lawless moon,
But as she strode she felt them wilt
And knew they’d took a dreamless wound
To make them go to ground full tilt,
Plum felt herself quite queenly pruned
And tumbled down the moonlight’s guilt
That held her softly all cocooned.
She fell and found a song with wings,
Bats singing sight had sought her out
And caught her up in magickings
Made for the maybe more devout
But still she sang and still she sings
And will until she finds her doubt,
This Plum now spirals up and slings
Herself on unknown outward routes.
The moon must watch as she sails by
Off singing for the far too fars,
Plum thanked the bats for how to fly,
Moon mourned as Plum passed on by Mars,
One night the moon will search and cry
But Plum’s one who won’t stop at stars –
Lost dream to follow one who’s wise,
The lawless follow dreams not ours.


Some fish fly and some birds dive
And you and I are just alive
Enough to know that rules don’t rule
Everything they claim to.
Be careful of the rules you follow,
Know where their leadership rings hollow
And where each one breaks itself,
Because it will not tell.


Blynk was cursed with a curse
That got worse and -----
---- every new thing he said.
-- could only say each word once
Before -- blanked --- looked - dunce,
Turning his sentences half dead.
Now you may think ----
This ----- --- the worst
But your fears fall flat
Because in --- end
He’ll be out of words
--- won’t have to speak again.

Pull Yourself Together

When told, “Pull yourself together!”
I start throwing parts away.
Now if you wonder whether
I’m aware of what’s at play?
I know it’s all knee-jerk
So that jerk knee’s the first to go!
It’s time I get to work
On giving me the old heave-ho,
Imparting parts I’m parting with
To the great beyoffd,
Farewell my subtle wit,
All you warts and frecks are off!
Gone are the larger toes
And my ability to share!
Out with my love of crows
And all this blonder hair!
Memories of my sister? Gone!
Did I ever even have a sis?
See how easy I move on
Not knowing what there is to miss?
When all this clutter goes its way
I’m lighter than a feather,
When all those parts are thrown away
I feel my most together.