The Barrikite

Some creatures have fierce features
That serve as brutal teachers.
Those of the Barrikite
Thrive in sky and light.

Its skin scaled cobalt blue,
Mushroom eyes with red shot through,
A charcoal feathered tail
Running up a rigid sail,

With silver horns as crowning wreath
And golden tongue and crystal teeth
All built upon burnt copper bones,
This is a beast that stands alone.

The Barrikite goes hunting storms,
Peace and calm it fears and scorns,
It only drinks rain as it falls
And always answers thunder’s calls.

Lightning might mean we combust,
It’s beastly feast for one who trusts
The ancient, chaos, nightling gods
Who built a breathing lightning rod.

It finds and climbs the highest point,
Lightning strikes as it anoints
A wild thing with great delight –
The electric Barrikite.


Luck comes in good and bad
And you play a large part
In which one we all add
More of to our arcs.

Bad luck can end with you
If you stop it right here,
Refusing to let through
Luck’s bad and your fear.

Pass on the good that comes!
You’ll find you’re at the crux
Of how good luck becomes
Good lucks.

Found Penny

When I find a penny
I always wonder why
The world would be so spendy
On such a guy as I.

Many see a penny
As tiny, worn and worthless.
It’s not much or many
But something has been purchased.

I try not to worry
But I’m a little young yet
To be in such a hurry
To go so deeply into debt.

Life’s a sea
With endless swells,
Know where she
Keeps her wishing wells.

Turn coins to wishes if you can,
Wish away what you might owe,
Tell me if you’ve better plans
But this is all I know.

When Pigs Fly

“When pigs fly!”
Is what they say
Before they ask you why
You think you may
Have the guts to ever even try.

Folks are so fast
To flat forget
All the heart that you’ve amassed
That wingless pig doesn’t get
A thought leaves me aghast.

A pigasus
Is piggie dreams
And is dismissed
Too quick it seems
For such a world as this.

Follow your lead
Far past your doubt,
There’s a piglet with one need –
Help him out,
Go succeed.


The heartless are partless
In part due to artless
Ripping and roaring and tearing and squaring
The world in a way that bearing
Your heart is swearing
Away your right to it.

But if you can’t lose yours then you’re not fit
To have a heart or ever get
Another one that’s lived and lit
A person from the inside.

Some know the risks and they decide
To live their fear and go and hide
Their hearts from something more.

What will you do with yours?

Bomby Brum

Little Bomby Brum
Lived his whole life in a drum.
As with many girls and boys
His was a world of noise.
You could hear him in the song,
He couldn’t help but tap along!
Sometimes he would cross thump
And make his poor drummer jump.
All he did made a new beat!
When he’d play or clean or eat,
Even when he snoozed and snored
Somehow became a stunning score!

Some things we can’t help but give.
Brum made music as he lived.


They saw me spin the woolen air,
They watched me split the stream.

They pickled in love of unfair,
They stewed in angry dreams.

They chased me with their clouded thoughts,
They roared and ran their rage.

They gladly tied themselves in knots,
They proudly raised their cage.

They wouldn’t free a word I prayed,
They couldn’t let that be.

The only thing I know of They –
I can’t let They be Me.

Explorer Oceans

A sunk boat doesn’t leak.
Some may find that loophole weak
But the adventuresome must venture from
The well worn ways in manners smart and dumb.
The sea gives what it wants to give.
Life is perilously lived.
Carefully or carefreely tread
But all hangs on a thread.
Klake cut her line and drove her prow
Into dark that proudly vowed,
“This will get darker still.”
Klake simply smiled and duly filled
Her ship with all unknowns,
Knocking guiding stars from thrones,
Rocking crooked and the straight,
Locking Fate out of its Fate.
Ship and resolve still firm,
They broke free from feeding worms
As they cracked through and dropped
Into a valley, sailed up a mountaintop,
Then were splashing through the clouds,
Quickly crashing through the crowds
Of sunlight gathered round,
Astounded by this ship unbound
From sea and land and laws,
And flying freely on its flaws.

Before they sank into the sky
Klake had her cargo to let fly –

She let go of her unknowns,
They gladly soared off on their own,
And we’re left lucky to have more
Great unknowns to go explore.