Kindness or Mindless

Kindness or mindless?
You must know kind this
Way to remind us
That we are we!
You and me!

Otherwise it’s mindless –
A sort of other person blindness
That may lead to acting spineless,
Leaving others all behind us
While we still end up in last.

I find kindness finest.

Signed – Us?


Girl and Owl

There was a little girl
With the cutest golden curls
Who knew she’d rule the world.

There was a scowling owl,
A grumpy, dour fowl
Convinced he’d save us all.

But she only ever thought it,
No matter how she fought it
She distraughtly never got it.

Sure people could do better,
He wrote us all a letter
That can’t have read much deader.

When I say fought, I do mean wars
That tore up many foreign shores
And haunted many doors.

“Dear disgusting little things,
Listen to one with wings
And enjoy the peace I bring!”

Her armies burned more than they kept,
The people lost and wailed and wept,
She scarred every spot she stepped.

“You must change yourself
To a rootless flower on a shelf
If you would live in health.”

It was not because of small nor girl,
Nor cute, golden, nor curls
That she never ruled the world.

It was not ’cause he was wrong
Or his letter was too long
That folks refused to go along.

No, she never ruled,
And he didn’t end the cruel,
But don’t drop to ridicule.

Whatever may be meant,
Whether kind or cruel intent,
We don’t like being bent.

Little Bear

One thing I’ll tell you from the start –
However big a bear may be it still fits in your heart.

But best beware the little bears
‘Cause they’ll squeeze in there undeclared
And you’ll be caught all unawares,
Caring more than may be fair
Unless, of course, you learn to share
In being one such little bear.

Last thing I’ll tell you, please take care –
Or you may find your heart fits perfect in a bear.

Little Bear

Photo taken by Nancy Anderson.

A Miracle

A miracle is spherical
With no way in or out.
It never was and it won’t be
And will not hold to hope nor doubt
And will not come when called.
That it ever comes at all
Is something I’ll not understand
But be moved on its way through.
It’s its own glory
And I’ll just say “Thank You.”

The Grossry Store

I was finally going to the Grossry Store!
I knew my needs, I had my files,
Time to shop the finest filth
Found in the vulgar wilds!

There’ll be eyeballs by the aisles!
Full shelves of puss filled vials!
Toe hairs!  All smells and styles!
Livers in slippery piles!
Sales on the sloppiest of Kyles!
A hundred forty-four types of boogery childs!
The very vilest of biles!

But all the foulest whiles,
The Grossry Store is
Nothing but pickles and mayo for miles!
Though, I suppose,
Pickles and mayo are pretty gross.

Last Corner

When all your turning comes to terms
With that last corner’s charms,
I say let that be what confirms
‘Tis time to dive like worms!

If I were you (silly to pretend I’m not,
But we’re stuck again in sincere plot),
I’d go toes to sky
Without a worry why
So few others dive
When with an easy try
We might untie our eyes
And find ourselves alive
In a honeyed hive
Of roots, rats and real allies
That won’t allow us to deny
We’ve finally arrived