Life, Magic, Mischief: Volume 2

The second collection of LMM poems is now available in print and as an e-book. It includes another hundred poems posted to this site. Enjoy!

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Moon Came Home

The Moon came home too soon, too soon,
The Moon came home too soon.

The crickets cricked a gloomy tune
Of starling stars long since marooned
And asked what she could do.

She knew the stars had left to try
A different life than the night sky
And liked it out of view.

She raised her anchor and set sail
As all the heavens cracked and wailed,
“Tum gid fuh crum pahoo!”

The Moon came home too soon, too soon,
The Moon came home too soon.

The ghostful forests missed the stars
(As they helped calm them in the dark)
And wept the whole night through.

She caught a storm and came in fast,
She snapped her lines, she broke her mast,
And even lost her crew.

The Moon came home too soon, too soon,
The Moon came home too soon.

She lit the night with all her might
And still she goes on giving light
For stars, the woods, to you.

The Moon came home too soon, too soon,
Moon finally came home.

Illustration by MM.

To the Point

Rukkamus Hubbins got straight to the point,
Missing every other thing.
Getting your wants will oft disappoint
And we should find that bothering.
Rukk did no winsome wandering,
She only went
Exactly where she meant.

Now I know you know
That’s known as dull.

If you follow your plan to a t
You get a plant,
Which may be all beautiful blooms and leaves
But won’t even be allowed to believe
It might actually blooming leave.

This Rukk could see:
She wanted more than she could see.

So she greased her feet
And when on to defeat
Her pretty plans all nice and neat,
She slid and slipped her way off course,
On into the unendorsed,
Ringing unheard bells,
Meeting several of herselves,
And hitting many hidden points as well.

It’s good to know your wants and follow through,
But sometimes your plans should follow you.

To the Point 2

Drawn by Tasha S.

Illustration by TDK.

Good Morning

Good morning, ma’am or sir!
Some say, “What’s good about it?”
However the day swerves
It’s yours and don’t you doubt it.

You could burn it to the ground
And roll around in ash.
You could set out to astound
And make a treasure out of trash.

So I say “Good morning!”
‘Cause I’m sure it’s worth a shot.
The truth is it’s just morning
And you’ll make it good or not.

All Bite

There’s a lot of barking in the realm of beasts.
For all their huff they fear the fight.
For those that bite the world’s a feast,
Or a great chew toy at the very least.

The Rubudum Maw is all teeth.
You’ll see no skin, just pearly whites.
‘Twas born to bite and is enwreathed
In ‘nines on tusks with more beneath.

This beast could be all smiles.
It could be charming wiles.
But its brain is full of fangs,
Its gnawed heart hangs on toothy trials.

If you should meet it face-to-face,
I must say the safest place
Is in its mouth, on pillow tongue –
It’s among the safest spots in all of space!

All Bite

All Bite 2

Illustrations by MB who posts her art on Instagram.