I need a day that’s all about me!
I want to hear everyone say:
“It’s time for Meday!”
Let’s do it today!

I need a day to get away
With whatever I may,
A day when all I do is okay,
A day that belongs to me.

That’s the day I’ll laugh and play
And always get my way.
I need a day that’s all about me,
Besides every other day.

A Hard Swim

It’s hard to swim in cement
Unless you catch it early.
Even then, I must lament,
You should continue stirring
To keep from turning fossil.

You have to meet the hostile,
The harmful, harsh and hard
If you’re to get full grown.
To swim among the stars
Dive into the stone.

I’ve never been so strong,
This is the health I’ve sought,
The practice has been long
Doing laps in parking lots,
Training for granite seas.

Nothing worthy’s done with ease,
So stop smirking like a trout!
You float the world like a duck.
Help me out!
You know I’m stuck!

Beings Barbarous

Atop the mountains tall and strange,
Abottom seas of change,
There are beasts of strangest strains
Who’d die upon the plains.
Beasts with breath of burning wind,
Brutes of stony heart and skin,
Bucks who trample on the stars,
Boars sleeping on Hades’ bars,
Behemoths who must send all fleeing –
Beings barbarous but being.

Beasts of which we’re all afraid
Who’d die on Normal’s blade.

I’ll miss them if they ever go
And leave us safe but all alone.

Illustration by DALL-E.


Qime stuck his fingers in a stump
And then he left them there
So he’d always feel a clump
Of wood and moss in boggy air.

He wished to always breathe the breeze
From his favorite mountain top,
He left a lung among the trees
Where piney winds spin and pop.

His toes dig into shelly sands,
His ears hear haunting howls,
Knees kneel in the holy lands,
Heart’s gone soaring with the owls.

One eye’s on the sunset feast,
Another, the sunrise hunts.
He has himself released
And is here and there at once.

Qime gave himself away in full
But still pours past the brim,
While he wove him into all
The world wove into him.

Ate a Frog

Trilly ate a frog
And she ate another,
Then started gulping pollywogs
Straight from their marshy mother.
She wandered with a belly full
Of ri-bi-bits and croaks
That ricocheted around her skull,
Dirge of her eaten folks.
Trill couldn’t help but hum along,
Then had to skip a bit,
Then joined in the throaty song
And gladly went with it.
Trilly hopped the swamp,
Happily home in the bog,
Till something larger chomped
And became a bigger frog.

Illustration by DALL-E.

What Poem?

What poem do you want today?
Let’s pray with the pen.
“Most High,” I’ll say,
Then you come in,

“How ’bout a tale of terrible good
That turned to wonderful bad?
The lawless romance of red and blue
And the royal color their love grew?
Storms pouring souls?
A boy living with trolls?
A hopeful ghost in chains!
The girl with sun in her veins!
Polar bars giving rides
With tygers as our guides
To this riddle filled riot!”

It sounds like you should write it.