Cursed with Horns

Have you ever known a curse?
Some are end-all, others worse.
Some slide a silly sort of sideways,
Passing odd logic laws by ways
Otherwise unknown.
Could be Sense takes out a loan.

From the day he was born
Lur was cursed to grow horns.
But he didn’t go goat,
Nor bull, ram or jackelope.
Off the top of his head he grew
Bugles, kurudutus and tubas too!
Some tiny, making a sound astoundingly whiny.
Others big as a car and twice as shiny.

Do you know what he did,
That slick little kid?

Lur took his curse and turned a profit!
He made a happy living off it!
Sometimes success cannot be stopped.
He opened up a music shop.
He learned to grow horns to request.
His toot-toot-tootlers were the best!

How his curse came is another tale.
Lur’s parents knew well how to fail.


The most important part of the word “Believe”
Is “Be”.
But matterful as well is “Leave,”
Says me.

Believing gives no guarantee
Of getting us past those diamond can’ts.
But I believe, and we agree,
It does give us a chance.

What’s better than being
Someone who goes leaving
Things not worth believing.

Be what works.
Leave what don’t.
Believe in you
When others won’t.
But go beyond
This simple turn –
Make believes real
Even if they weren’t.

She Ran Away

She ran away, she ran away,
She did not walk, she ran away,
From what, she would not say,
She ran away, she ran away.

While she was not afraid,
She wanted nothing of today,
She ran away, she ran away.

Some called, “Coward!” others, “Brave!”
All were wrong, she ran away,
So much they named her “Castaway,”
And many muttered, “Oh, she’ll pay,”
As they so sadly sat in their dismay
At this disquieting display,
She did not care, she ran away.

Like a sheep going astray,
She ran away, she ran away,
All turned to flocks of shepherds
Who had to have their say,
“That’s all wrong!  Come this way!”
Castaway did not obey,
She ran away, she ran away.

How ’bout this cliche –
They saw themselves as noble knights
With dangered damsel who need be saved,
And offered safety on silver tray,
She ran away, she ran away.

All had to have a say,
Say, say, say, say, say,
She ran away, she ran away.

Truth is, she ran right to
What she wanted – and there she stayed.