The Brutiful Badger

We know the badger
As cuddly curmudgeon,
A coot and cadger,
A fuzzy bludgeon.

It has a reputation,
As we all know,
Of grim and grumpy annihilation –
Claws with a soul.

All true
But not all.
So I made a sweet tea brew
When one came to call.

I offered him some biscuits,
I offered up a mug.
Sometimes you gotta risk it!
I went for that scrummy hug!

His affection was a spectacle,
A truly heartfelt wonder.
He chewed right through a ventricle,
But I’ve still got the other.

Sir badger was a proper prof
In how to make a chum.
He nuzzled up and nibbled off
My favorite freckled thumb.

He’s classy and old country kind,
True friendship is his calling.
He brutifully taught me love is blind
And gave a gracious mauling.

When he made to leave
I’d never felt such sorrow.
Now I’ve had him here for tea
I’ll drop in on him tomorrow.


On Your Shoulder

You know the angel on your shoulder
That says what you should do?
If your paperwork’s in order
(With a touch of light voodoo)
You can change your shoulder rider.
A bad one can take you down,
You must be mindful of your guider –
That’s why mine’s a clown.
Be careful who you choose,
They could bring you cures or wars.
Think of what you’d gain and lose
And know I’d happily be yours.

Drawn by Liam whose art can be found here.


If all things end
Then the end is known
Yet all things keep on going.

Until they end
So all’s on loan
And we all live on owing.

Unless our end
Remains unowned
And all these ends are growing.

To what end
We are not shown
So may the ends keep flowing.