“Rotten” Eggs

Folks complain of rotten eggs,
Good eggs gone bad, bad, bad.
I say that means more eggs for me,
They say that I’ve gone mad! mad! mad!

This does not bother me a bit
For I don’t have to share
The glory of a ripened egg
(The best grow greenish hair).

Stew, steam, bake, boil, grind, grill,
Or have it scrambled by a clown.
Keep it simple I say,
Crack it wide and slurp it down.

Chefs should open up their minds.
Green Eggs and Ham – Have you read that book?
Say what you will of his writing,
Seuss knew how to cook!

Rotten eggs for rotten me
(We’re both sweeter than you think).
Something no one seems to get –
There’s nothing wrong with a good stink.

Rotten Eggs

Drawn by Conor