Jack and Jill

This plays off of Jack and Jill by Mother Goose.

Jack and Jill went up the hill
And then went up a tree.
Their skill in down was naught to nil,
Up was all that they could see!

They did not stop for they had no top
And up they chased their laughter.
Down closed shop and skip by hop
Jill went up and Jack went climbing after.

From the crown of the tree they broke free.
They blew on through, throwing branches above.
Climbing every soaring twig with glee,
They flew from leaf to fly to dove.

Jill and Jack leapt to the back
Of the master of the skies.
Cloud allowed the smack of their attack
As they were headed where the pale light lies.

Stars and Moon were underfoot all too soon
And still Jack and Jill just kept going.
Up’s fetching tune brought them the boon
Of a known path and no need for slowing.

Jack and Jill

Illustrated by Jack