My Bertle Buddy

This morning I came to school
With a Bertle upon my back.
I hauled him to class like a mule
‘Cause he faced, fought and beat in a duel,
Before eating, my black backpack.

Also cause he gobbled my homework
And I refuse to turn it in late.
So while, I admit, you may have to wait,
My homework is here, don’t go berserk.
He’ll give it up soon, he’s not a jerk.

So you see, Ms. Honeybee?
He’s the reason for this fine mess.
Just this morning he dined on my dress.
I’m normally not one for nudity,
But it’s not that bad, I must confess.

What? No, you don’t need to worry,
Unless he wants to eat you too.
Bertles are docile, huggy and furry.
It’s not their fault they like to chew,
But if their teeth turn to you, you best scurry.


Looks like tomorrow will be problem free.
I’ve nothing to wear, to do or to read.
Poor Ms. Honeybee.
Poor Ms. Honeybee, indeed.
She really should have worried.

My Bertle Buddy

Drawn by Josh