Sc at t e r br a in

Himiny Smuckers left pieces of his mind
Where those bits told him they’d best be able to shine.

One went in the cookie jar just to check it out.
That’ll be an empty jar when he returns, no doubt.

The cat got one and may not give it back.
Playful thoughts are far too fun and only giggle when attacked.

One wanted nothing but to splash about.
After just one splish it got eaten by a trout.

The biggest baddie went off into the toilet.
When Himiny scoops it out he’s gonna have to boil it.

The smallest jumped minds to see how another thought.
It got quite confused but learned an impressive lot.

A gaggle just wanted to stay in bed.
They couldn’t imagine leaving their dear head.

His sister grabbed a piece and ran into her room.
In all honesty, that one likely met its doom.

One wished for nothing but to float with a cloud.
It made loads of friends as it found quite a crowd.

Himiny hasn’t lost his mind. He tracked every piece closely.
They’re all still there. And he knows where (mostly).

As they say, the heart may well be blind.
But it’s just as dangerous to listen to your mind.