When You Meet a Ghost

When you meet a ghost,
Pause to say “hello”.
Running’s unacceptable
And screaming’s a no-no.

Spectors can be jumpy,
You mustn’t spook the spook.
If you don’t throw a punch
It won’t drop a nuke.

Offer it a hand,
But be clear it’s just to shake.
Not all offerings are equal,
Your hand’s not its to take.

Fix it up a snack,
Cheese and fruit will do.
Hungry shades attack,
Give them something else to chew.

Wraiths are born in darkness
So show them how you shine.
Amazing how a haunt will love you
Just for being kind.

Really just do your best
To be a gracious host,
And you’ll have a new pal
When you meet a ghost.

When you meet a ghost final

Drawn by Yana

When you meet a ghost 2

Illustrated by Vanity Projects