Ruffage loved her veggies
But they did not feel the same.
She ate them up – chomp, gulp, slurp –
No mercy shown to gent or dame.

Even the baby carrots
Met an ending all too cruel.
She daily noshed on squash
And popped peas by the handful.

She ate pots of peppers,
And beets, spinache, sprouts galore.
After two truckloads of turnips
She just belched and asked for more.

One wise old onion at last
Hit on an idea – Kids love sweets!
So those greens made her
All manner of tasty treats.

They whipped up ice cream, crumbles,
Brownies, cookies, pies, a cake.
They purchased pounds of candy.
Their leafy lives were at stake!

Could they distract her with sugar?
Would they go to meet their death?
Ruffage walked into the kitchen.
Even Fate held his breath.

She was hungry but she paused.
Shrubby food held out their plates.
Green beans nibbled at a pie
To show her these eats should be ates.

Other greens joined in the nomming.
Ruffage looked to follow suit.
She gave a cake a sniff,
Then scarfed it like a brute!

They saved themselves! They did it!
Ruffage filled every bowl and cup
With sweets and passed them out to all.
Then she ate those fattened veggies up.