A Bad, Bad Christmas

On the tenth of December the badness began.
The only way out was the wicked way in.
Adults were all useless, both women and men.
The most they could do was yell, “Sin, child, sin!”
The hope of the world was on kids once again.

Dave painted the dog like a bright yellow sun.
Belle shot her buddy with a bb gun.
Hugh stole all the stop signs, every last one.

The trouble began when the power went out.
All over the Earth you could hear people shout:
“What’s this?  What, what?!  What’s this all about?”
Without lights, TV and stove, folks started to pout.
Then came the cold and the fear and the doubt.

Cindy cracked eggs all over the floor.
Lou cut the hair off her sister mid-snore
Who came back the next night to even the score.

Christmas could save them.  Santa would warm them.
Kids could earn coal for their crimes so let the cold come.
Elves traded their toy shops for mines deep and dim,
Using Rudolph’s bright nose to search out that dark gem.
Clause closed the North Pole and his rosy grin turned grim.

Hans smacked his brother and got walloped right back.
Nick grabbed some matches and torched the garden shack.
Sarah focused up and led her town’s vicious sack.

Christmas morn’ all awoke to stockings full of coal.
In fact, Santa and helpers had filled their rooms whole!
Children worked hard to be bad and had met their goal.
Now they could keep happy and warm from toes to soul
Thanks to another classic Christmas miracle.