Itsy Was Born Lucky

(Read about Bitsy’s lucky sister here.)

Bitsy was born beneath a falling star
That knocked her under a moving car,
Where she got wedged till smacked ajar
By a hornet’s nest which loosed its horde
Of hungry hunters that chased her aboard
A leaving ship she couldn’t afford
So the crew dropped her off the side
Square into shark jaws waiting wide,
Snapping shut for a wild ride
To the northest pole where both lost their bout
And the frozen fish upchucked her out
Atop the ice, which pulled a shout
From an ugly elf who grabbed her quick
And hauled her in front of young Saint Nick
Who couldn’t find a single lick
Of good or bad on his long list
So to keep things square he kissed
Her cheek and hurled her with his barn sized fist
Back into the swallow it all sea
That sank her in one gulp and she
Went down so far she came up dizzy
On the purple shore of Rock Claw Isle
Where constant war is fought by vile,
Crooked, creeping crabs that she battled while
Year downed year and crowned her child, teen,
Adult, and, through no fault of her own, Queen,
Though that same night came a coups unseen
That threw her in a walnut shell
And buried her deeper than earth could tell
But nothing stays closed, not even a cell,
And up she popped in the land of Knowair,
Sprouting like a milkweed fair
Below the belly of a bagua bear
Whose eyes went wide and sneezed in surprise,
Blowing her into the Cave of Cries
Where dragons slumber when free of the skies
And are grumbly grumps if any dame
Or sir should stir them and gain such blame
As to incur a deserved wave of flame,
Which she rode back out to the shaky shock
Of that same bear, giving a nasty knock
To his poor head (he squeaked a low squawk)
As they fell in front of a feral rose
That spiked her on her acorn nose,
Which swelled until she finally chose
To pop it, scaring the bear again,
Sending him bolting for his den,
Nearly knocking her out of her skin,
But she held on tight as tears and –

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