My TV’s Friend

My TV turned me on.
I sat down on the floor.
It watched me sit and stare
And found me quite a bore.

It poked me in the eye.
It twisted both my ears.
It kicked me in the rear
And ran me out of here.

We opened up the day
Racing berry crickets
Down the very lost way
To the whistling thickets.

We made a hopscotch bread
And took it to high tea
With the trees who love so
Much my TV and me.

We argued on all the
Best ways to steal a creek
Then tried some out but could
Barely catch a weak leak.

We fired up the fire bugs
With the last sunlight thread
And went hunting with them
For a well slept in bed.

My TV tucked me in.
It said, “Sweet dreams, my friend.”
It gave a goodnight kiss
Then turned me off again.

My Tv's Friend

Drawn by Bob