Humpty Dumpty

This plays off of Humpty Dumpty by Mother Goose.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty sat through the Fall.
All Winter’s forces turned twice past ten
Couldn’t drop Humpty or set him aspin.

It was nothing all that brave or strong,
He found a good spot where he might belong,
He sat and he twiddled and liked to stare
But as he sat there he forgot to care.

So he sat for weeks, he sat for seasons,
He sat and flat out forgot the reasons
He had to stand or fight or dance
Or chase a monkey or take a chance.

He sat until Spring woke the world
And with her goldly green unfurled
He felt the need to grow as well
And so he leapt and gladly fell.

Humpty shattered on the rocky floor
Waiting to make him less and more,
He picked up the pieces doing the same,
Picking up pieces untouched by shame.

He put himself back together again,
A little less tall, a little more thin,
Standing up straight, just a little more him,
Off the wall and off on a whim.

Humpty Dumpty

Drawn by Giacomo  (find more from this artist here: )