Forever Flamboyant

The forever flamboyant Penny Popper!
When it comes to dapper dress, none can top her!
She struts about town in the finest,
More made up than any royal highness.

Her alligator boots were where it began,
Then blue leather pants cinched by a belt of snake skin,
With a fox fur coat and turtle shell crown
You’d have to flip the world to bring her down!

But then the turtle missed its home.
The cow felt nude without its case.
The fox got cold.
The snake’s friends didn’t recognize its sweet little face.
And no one’s afraid of a gator without scales.
So they all returned to their proper place.

They all squirmed back into themselves,
Filling their skins full to the brim.
But Penny and those critters worked things out.
Now she just wears them.

Forever Flamboyant

Drawn by KakieMix