Baby Zebra

Have you ever wished to win something wild?
Invite in the perfectly un-styled?

Just outside our door this morning
We found with brightest black and white adorning
A baby zebra, ripe and ready for adoring.

(Lion may be king but it doesn’t take much to convince
That zebra is the rather more dapper royal prince.)

We rushily ushered him in and tried
To feed him what the vet said, but the vet lied.
Zebras don’t like grass, ours went straight for the trash,
Merrily munching on mixed muck and moldy mash.
We took him for a trot and snuggled for a nap,
But he must have thought the bath a trap!
He lit us up with the most fantastic funk!

Baby zebra?! That’s a full-grown skunk!

Baby Zebra

Illustration by Hubert