Dear Santa

Every year come Christmas
I sit and write my wish list.
My wants and needs – No let’s be blunt.
It’s all about the things I want.

You’ve gotta start small:  “I want a star.
Why not the Sun?  The rest are too far.
Let’s get creative:  A condor shark!
And a pet hawk piranha so they can play in the park.
A living dream and a long lost secret.
A rainbow beam and the know-how to leak it.
How ’bout a small kingdom?  The earthworm throne!
I’m not greedy – Just one dragon bone.
(The one that throws fire would be nice to own.)”

Then right before the letter’s done
I throw in “World Peace!” just for fun.

This year off my letter went,
But then I get back another letter sent
From that same bowl full of jelly, jolly old gent:

“Thank you my friend!  Here’s my own little list.
I’ve enjoyed yours and don’t want mine to get missed!

Your Christmas host holds hope that
Every girl and boy (good and brat)
Is happy.  Myself?  I could use a less goofy hat.
The world’s a big place with many chimneys,
My night could be easy with a few billion keys.

You know how things are up at the North Pole,
It’s cold.  And we’re awful low on coal.
A heater here would be nice, as would one for the sleigh.
I have just one last big ask of you today –
The reindeer are all aging.  It’s time to upgrade.
Please, oh please, get me a flying bear brigade!

P.S.  The elves only ask you give them something handmade.”


“Dear Easter Bunny (of the lovely South Pole?),
Santa and I have some lists you should scroll…”

Dear Santa

Drawn by Jacob

Dear Santa 2

Illustration by Morgan