The Sandman

There’s a creature called the Sandman
Who’s never seen the Sun.
It deals in deepest dreams
For nothing more than fun.

Nightly knighted by the Moon
It seeks out sleeping eyes,
Slipping in a pinch of sand
To loose lordly life-like lies.

You might think you woke the wild
Or just a shambling brambly ramble.
Truth is it’s in the sand
And every speck’s a frightful gamble.

Every dream you’ve ever had
Started life among the worms,
And the Sandman found them all
On its own peculiar terms.

Sand from the Drowning Desert
Brings dreams of flying nude.
A little bit of kitty litter
And you’ll see colors come unglued.

Glimpses of the future
Can come from fallen stars.
Sand in webs will bring on terror
And rarely leaves its jars.

Some dreams connect to others,
Those grains are roughed up red.
The sand of unknown shores
Will leave you leaping out of bed.

The Sandman’s mostly dream now
(The best artists always are).
Enjoy its final gifts to you,
Its days of sand aren’t all that far.