Share a Head?

Upton Frass switched heads with a wolf
‘Cause he wanted to better bark, howl and bite,
And Wolf wanted to know what it was like
To chit and chat and smile bright.

They did those things and found some others
That they hadn’t thought to think.
Frass sniffed and snuffed, he heard new things,
And Wolf used a cup to drink.

They shared a thought in both their heads
And both their bodies agreed –
They wanted to know what other heads knew,
You might even call it a need.

Wolf and Frass didn’t give their heads back,
They handed them off to other critters, in fact,
The day may come when their heads come back
But until that day, try ’em and pass ’em along in the pack.

Share a Head COLOR

Illustrated by Marissa whose art can be found here.