The Miner, My Neighbor

Never have you ever seen
A finer miner than my neighbor Keene.

She seems to find the perfect seam
To tear into the darkest dream
That Mother Earth has ever dug
Of buried bones and burrowed bugs.
She goes where no one’s thought to map,
Tap by tap she makes the gap
That gives because it cannot hold
Against the single-minded bold.

Into the muck and mud!
The sloppy, slippery sludge!
Straight through what will not budge!
Keene goes at it with gravest pleasure,
Bringing up whole trunks of twisted treasure:
Emeralds and gemeralds.  Dragon eggs in sacks.
Silver spiders hiding in Earth’s cracks.
Tearing her way through untold buckets
Of filth to haul out two-ton gold nuggets.

But she doesn’t do it for the mindless worth.
Keene really likes the dirt.

The Miner, My Neighbor 2

Drawn by Tawna.

The Miner, My Neighbor

Illustrated by Guitarseer, whose art can be found here.