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Life doesn’t dare be easy.
Magic may seem rare.
Mischief is the one that shares
In Good and Bad without a care
Except for that odd meeting where
Fun and Fearless make a pair
Then kick off on a harebrained tear
To trick an old at rest nightmare
Into a fight with a fierce war bear
Just to watch the wild warfare.
Though when a kind thought can be spared,
Mischief at its best is fair.

Reject routine and rules.
Refuse to follow favored fools.

Fly to new Life and Magic,
And if you cannot find it
Then you must make and mind it.

Choose to lose and lose again,
You may well be last to win,
But it will be a lasting win,
And I will love you past the end –
Mischief makers,
Bravely sin.


Illustration by Newominus.

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