I’ll Write You a Bird

I’ll write you a bird
That’s buried in ash,
That rises all cured
From a worrisome crash.
A bird that is blurred
Into beautiful thirds
Of singing and soaring
And furious warring
With the star of the morning
Over who should be warming
The land with their fiery storming.

I write you a bird
That bucks from the start,
I write and it stirs,
Red feathery furred
With backward beating heart.
A bird that is strong
For it knows if I’m wrong
It’ll still be,
Still demand to be free,
Will command all it sees
With heavenly song,
Now I’ve held it too long
And it chirps at the dawn.

I wrote you a bird
And it’s gone.

Read “I Wrote You a Bird” here.

I'll Write You a Bird 2

I'll Write You a Bird

Drawn by Aslynn Ephemera whose work can be found here.

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