Down a Hole

I rode a rabbit down its hole,
It meowed and barked and growled,
I hugged it hard and howled.

Now you may ask:
Kyle, why ride a rabbit down its hole?
It’s dark and dirty, what’s the goal?

And I might say:
To not is dull.
Be it rabbit, bear or boar,
Fox or crab, snake or mole,
They know where to find a door
Straight into adventure’s soul.

Why ride a rabbit down its hole?
You could find a million mile worm,
The treasure of a troll
(That is, old socks it likely stole),
An undiscovered germ,
Or, not North, not South,
But the rumored Center Pole!

Why ride a rabbit down its hole?

Because you never really know.

Down a Hole

Illustration by MB.