Scupper Sprigs got lost in a maze,
But she barely noticed, was completely unfazed.
Though she was astray for nine hazy days
When they found her she sighed
And they were amazed –

She’d written ten books,
A movie, three plays;
Invented a system of hooks
To keep clouds in displays;
Got married and had twenty-three lil ducks;
Even translated the language of Luck!

Scup has been found for thirty years now,
And daily tries to return to lost somehow.
It’s tough getting things done in the land of the busy,
A lot of running round nothing till everyone’s dizzy.
She’s not done a tenth of what she did then,
So if you want to get somewhere let lost suck you in.


Illustration by Marek Jansen whose books and other work can be found here.


Drawn by Kimbap.