The Lie Brary

In a building built of murk and mist
At the back of the nearest storm,
Lies are stacked hand over fist
With this a most exquisite twist –
If you check one out, the lie exists!

Take a thing from the Lie Brary
(A thing that’s no thing at all),
And you will find it very, very
Real outside the Brary walls.

Truth must know some true defiance.
False sometimes needs our alliance.
Why deny a lie a chance?

Trees are the toes of buried giants,
Eyes are stars just catching flame.
Color’s sly but can be caught,
Butterflies and I cannot,
There’s no such thing as shame.

Well, this lie has been a thrill,
This lie that Lie Braries are real,
I think I’ll keep it checked out still.