Tink Lived

Tink lived a life well structured.
No such thing as out of place.
None guessed that when it frac/tured
Shwas blessed by a saving grace.
The rest of ducks all in a row, row, row,
Somehow now knew twers times to go
Go go yer boat stently up the gream,
Merrily, verily, scarily, merrily,
Dreams be ut they seem.
Tink treamed large, they took/tuck her inn,
Deeep into ther sleepish den,
Across the coals of souls of them
That will not light and so go dim,
Truer nonsense has never been,
So Tinkalink lrnd nd brnd
An lit an likd er way kcaback ome,
Wint str-t true n ut ta roam.
If you shd see her fore you wake
Rember that yore wuts at stake
And f you wisshh your soul to kip
Slip a diply woken sleeep.