Little Boy Lonely

A little boy was lonely
He felt new kinds of lowly
So he left his holy home he
Went out with highest hope he
Asked the stoic stonies
“Are you friend or phony?”

Now stones do all things slowly
Their thoughts are not all flowy
They’re not any sort of showy
Even though he listened closely
Those stones were just too low key
To hear they were not foe-y.

So he asked a poky pony
“Sir would you like to know me?”
And it neighed a handsome “Nopee!”

The boy did not turn mopey
Did not go groany moany
Would not let himself get toady
Nor at all roly poly
Indeed he kept quite woe free
Instead he set out boldly.

He’s not alone although he
Feels very very lonely
He looks for fellow cronies
And we’ll keep an eye out won’t we?

Illustration by Cromuncho whose art can be found on Instagram.