All Bite

There’s a lot of barking in the realm of beasts.
For all their huff they fear the fight.
For those that bite the world’s a feast,
Or a great chew toy at the very least.

The Rubudum Maw is all teeth.
You’ll see no skin, just pearly whites.
‘Twas born to bite and is enwreathed
In ‘nines on tusks with more beneath.

This beast could be all smiles.
It could be charming wiles.
But its brain is full of fangs,
Its gnawed heart hangs on toothy trials.

If you should meet it face-to-face,
I must say the safest place
Is in its mouth, on pillow tongue –
It’s among the safest spots in all of space!

All Bite

All Bite 2

Illustrations by MB who posts her art on Instagram.