To the Point

Rukkamus Hubbins got straight to the point,
Missing every other thing.
Getting your wants will oft disappoint
And we should find that bothering.
Rukk did no winsome wandering,
She only went
Exactly where she meant.

Now I know you know
That’s known as dull.

If you follow your plan to a t
You get a plant,
Which may be all beautiful blooms and leaves
But won’t even be allowed to believe
It might actually blooming leave.

This Rukk could see:
She wanted more than she could see.

So she greased her feet
And when on to defeat
Her pretty plans all nice and neat,
She slid and slipped her way off course,
On into the unendorsed,
Ringing unheard bells,
Meeting several of herselves,
And hitting many hidden points as well.

It’s good to know your wants and follow through,
But sometimes your plans should follow you.

To the Point 2

Drawn by Tasha S.

Illustration by TDK.