Olk Krombone

How to begin?

Whether stone or story,
What’s our way in?

Olk Krombone saw the earth
Not as a floor
But as something well worth
Digging into much more.
She felt it to be full
And was rather enthralled
At the thought of what all
Could be waiting her call.
She went out and found and held a hole.
Made sure it had ahold of her.
She pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled.
It came very, very slow.

All living springs from giving things
Of ourselves, from the shelves
Of our holy Soul.

Olk came up without an arm
Completely unalarmed.
Also came an antlered elk
Of roots and earthy ilk.
It rose up underneath her,
An ancient newborn creature,
To carry wherever Soul would lead her.

Illustration by IS.