The Sea Sailed In

The Sea sailed in on silver dreams
To see the little boy who seemed
To be a fish who flew upstream
And lost his gills but not his way
Before he found a place to stay
In one Mountain’s rainy day.

Boulder was the name he sold
As his but was better known as Bold
However many times he told
His buggy buddies they were wrong
They’d say in turn, “Too long! Too long!
And Boulder’s good but Bold belongs!”

He’s the only son the Sea has had,
Nine thousand daughters and one lad,
And it’s safe to say the Sea was glad,
Then dreams gave way, the Sea receded
Back to deeps where it was needed,
Leaving land lovingly seeded.

Yes, Bold knew just what to do,
He tended to his garden true,
Astounding Mountain with what grew –
Giant squids and octopus,
Coral, kelp and crabby nests,
Pearls and fishy flashiness.

Bold’s buddies watered and fed salt
From Mountain’s private golden vault
To ocean darlings without halt
Until this hale and hearty crop
Felt the waves and windy chop
And dropped into the Mountain top.

Old Mountain then dipped to the shore
Full of worlds and wanting more
Into the roaring Sea he poured,
And Bold and buddies alone again
With nothing but a day of rain
Went and made their own Sea then.

The Sea Sailed In

Illustration by SP.