Chopped Down

Bleve chopped down a tree
For she had to see
What it was below the bark,
That quietest of secret sparks,
That grew this steady, leafy beast
Around which wild things increased.
(Plus she’d heard of hidden rings.
There might be many treasured things.)
Tree fell from birds to worms
And Bleve couldn’t come to terms.
She cried sky-falling storms,
So scared at what she’d earned.
Her own heart scowled and turned,
Oh, how it cracked and burned!
Another lesson too late learned.
She stood on stump in tears
As days fell down to years,
The seasons volunteered
To wipe away her fears
Till at last the trees were peers.
If you can hold your disbelief
I’ll keep this nice and brief –
Bleve grew a twig, she grew a leaf,
She grew out of her killing grief
With roots deep in the great relief
Of having woods as caring chief.