The World Would Have a Word

“Excuse me, Sir!
The world would have a word!”

I said, “Such a shame! I don’t appear to be here.
If I see me I’ll whisper in my little ear –
‘You’ve clearly crossed the fantod frontier,
Fly for the stars and disappear!'”

“Sir! You’ll respect this fine world!
Or have you not heard?”

“That it’s time I turn bird?
Please, have all my words!”

“I think perhaps we should restart,
Did you not know we have your heart?”

“But not my wings!
And loss of a heart will always sting
But I have many more to bring
With me to beat for other kings.”

“Silly Sir!
You’ve gone absurd!”

“And I’ll keep going on, you know!
Leaving hearts and bits of soul
Wherever they might give and grow.
I’m out of words and I must go.”