Bones, Brain and Heart

Her bones walked out her body,
They said, “Your make is shoddy!
You’ve been a bore,
We’re built for more,”
Indeed, they were quite snotty.

Her brain popped off and out,
Groaned, “You’ve been a drowning trout!
My dreams are bold!
I’ll not grow old
Locked behind your rumpled snout!”

Hearts both love and hurt.
They’ll give you best and worst.
They’re joyful and they grieve.
They’re you and cannot leave.

Bones built and held up mountains.
Brain was never more clever
And called wise by many thousands.
They did all they could alone, however,
They both felt they’d been self-severed
And could not bear it for forever.

Heart cared.
It was the best Heart had left.
Bones, Brain and Heart repaired.
She came back to herself.