Time for Bed

When it was yelled – “Time for bed!”
Krow was still too in his head,
Too tilted toward the dreamless realm,
The sandman could not take the helm.
Krow was crowned in nesting thoughts,
Round and round they tested lots
Of what-could-bes and maybe-nots
And gripping but quite broken plots.
He had a ritual for this,
The flip of Sleeping Beauty’s kiss,
A way away from roaring zoos
And deep into a purring snooze.
Krow pulled from pockets crabs and bats,
Acorns, rubies, nesting gnats,
He tucked them in with calming pats
Then sent them as sleep diplomats.
He tossed his shoes and then his feet,
His pants and legs were folded neat
And tucked away on tidy shelf
Along with more bits of himself.
You really need not be alarmed
As he removes torso and arms,
Life doles out confusing charms
And this one did not do him harm.
All of this to at long last
Buck the future, shuck the past,
Krow removed his buzzing head
And put it and him to bed.