Pulled a Perfect Day

So far I’ve pulled a perfect day,
I haven’t sinned at all today –
Not bit a toe,
Or stole a toad,
Let in crows,
Let out the baby,
Made a rather bug filled gravy,
Salted milk,
Peppered handkerchiefs of silk,
Dug any holes,
Shot anything straight out my nose,
Coralled raccoons
Into anyone’s bedrooms,
Snuggled up to schemes,
Smuggled in a stream,
Biked a bed,
Hiked through the bread,
Pickled other people’s stuff,
Turned every pillow into fluff,
Sworn off clothes,
Writ a spiteful ode,
And I’ve not bit a single toe!

Having done my all-time best
You’d think it’s time to rest.
But now the clock reads 12:02
And I’ve got catching up to do.