The Barrikite

Some creatures have fierce features
That serve as brutal teachers.
Those of the Barrikite
Thrive in sky and light.

Its skin scaled cobalt blue,
Mushroom eyes with red shot through,
A charcoal feathered tail
Running up a rigid sail,

With silver horns as crowning wreath
And golden tongue and crystal teeth
All built upon burnt copper bones,
This is a beast that stands alone.

The Barrikite goes hunting storms,
Peace and calm it fears and scorns,
It only drinks rain as it falls
And always answers thunder’s calls.

Lightning might mean we combust,
It’s beastly feast for one who trusts
The ancient, chaos, nightling gods
Who built a breathing lightning rod.

It finds and climbs the highest point,
Lightning strikes as it anoints
A wild thing with great delight –
The electric Barrikite.

The Barrikite final

The Barrikite 2 final

Illustrations by Cade Halada whose art can be found here.