Certificate of Recognition

We recognize you for being yourself!
Thank goodness!
There’s already everyone else.

As the ‘tificate reads:

“This is not about your deeds
Or your iffy look,
You might be a boor, indeed,
You could be a crook!

You never learned to tie your shoes,
Trim your nails, comb your hair,
Say ‘hello,’ pay your dues,
And certainly not share.

You didn’t even want to learn!

Your entire life’s unearned!

You’re a grump and proudly dumb
But you’re redeemed at this one turn –
You’re not some other crumb.”

They could haul off all you’ve got
And you are you still.
They could even take this ‘tificate,
In fact, I think we will.

That said, one thing’s forever true –
They can’t take you from   ou.
I can’t take    u from       .