The Rinkiks and Siv (Part I)

Once the world ended
Universes opened up,
Few things turn splendid
Like the best of bad luck.
Siv rode a lump of her planet
Through the twinkling unknown,
But as chance would have it
She wasn’t alone.
Her clump was well loaded
With plants and their beasts
And a spring where there boated
The oldest of yeasts
Who boasted of breads
That they’d baked for king’s feasts,
Though now they preferred to make great jammy rolls
That cooled as they tumbled down to the east.
Here Siv met the Rinkiks of whom
Their hunger must be much admired,
They climbed in the rolls at their jammy bloom
And ate their way out in a manner inspired.
The Rinkiks asked young Siv if she’d stay
And she turned to herself to find out as well –
“Why, yes, I think I just may
Settle myself with you for a spell.”