High Water

The ship was built with planks of ice
So it’s no different from the sea,
Plank on plank of glaciers sliced
To raise a craft same as the sea,
To raise a craft as leaf to tree,
To better know the oversea.

Its sails were storms that whipped and wailed,
No doldrums deadened life on deck,
It caught its wind and on it sailed,
Beneath a blue flag unbedecked,
Beneath a saintly fire she trekked
Above so many other wrecks.

Whatever treasure she might hold
Is not worth the debt you’d owe,
Yet many come for unknown gold,
They let their mighty cannons go,
All shoot high when they should shoot low
And the sea swallows them all whole.

Forget forgiveness if you sink
At the wish of an angered sea,
Dive deep and deeply take the drink,
Serve your last master merrily,
Serve on the crew as leaf to tree
Beneath the blue flag of the sea.