Raktattle Garu

Rak built her bones of feather stones
That came from steely birds.
She heaped up hope beyond the scope
Of sight and soundly words.
She claimed the land she found at hand
Among the howling toads.
She sought and seized the stranger seas
Down at the bowing roads.
The deal she made was but a trade
With what we’ll never know,
But what she gave’s beyond the brave,
Things you ought never owe.
She fought because that’s what she does
When not is not enough,
When right and wrong go right along
With fortune’s foolish bluff.
We mustn’t hold one of the bold
To such a lifeless test
As this and that, the pitter pat,
Past presently confessed.
Rak winged her way without delay
To what you may have guessed –
She let truth go long, long ago
And’s freer than the rest.