Pull Yourself Together

When told, “Pull yourself together!”
I start throwing parts away.
Now if you wonder whether
I’m aware of what’s at play?
I know it’s all knee-jerk
So that jerk knee’s the first to go!
It’s time I get to work
On giving me the old heave-ho,
Imparting parts I’m parting with
To the great beyoffd,
Farewell my subtle wit,
All you warts and frecks are off!
Gone are the larger toes
And my ability to share!
Out with my love of crows
And all this blonder hair!
Memories of my sister? Gone!
Did I ever even have a sis?
See how easy I move on
Not knowing what there is to miss?
When all this clutter goes its way
I’m lighter than a feather,
When all those parts are thrown away
I feel my most together.