Bold Plumbar built a pair of stilts
To take her to the lawless moon,
But as she strode she felt them wilt
And knew they’d took a dreamless wound
To make them go to ground full tilt,
Plum felt herself quite queenly pruned
And tumbled down the moonlight’s guilt
That held her softly all cocooned.
She fell and found a song with wings,
Bats singing sight had sought her out
And caught her up in magickings
Made for the maybe more devout
But still she sang and still she sings
And will until she finds her doubt,
This Plum now spirals up and slings
Herself on unknown outward routes.
The moon must watch as she sails by
Off singing for the far too fars,
Plum thanked the bats for how to fly,
Moon mourned as Plum passed on by Mars,
One night the moon will search and cry
But Plum’s one who won’t stop at stars –
Lost dream to follow one who’s wise,
The lawless follow dreams not ours.