Touched On

I touched the sea and it touched me
Then didn’t let me go.
Now I walk and drip the salt
Of drowned mountains down my toes,
However distant I may stride
I forever feel the tug of tide.

I touched a tree and it touched me
Then grew into my bones.
Flowers burst behind my eyes,
Bumbles humming honey tones,
Seeds drop out my sleeves,
Happy to feed all hungry thieves.

I touched the breeze and it wrapped me
In the breath of every cloud.
It brings a burst of singing birds
That live entire lives out loud,
Swirls of mist and fog and dust
Carry bites of all on every gust.

I touched on glee and it jumped me
Then loosed me on the gloom
Of sealess worlds and treeless lands
And airless realms proclaiming doom,
Now where they raise their victory tombs
New life cannot help but bloom.